Eau Benite

Eau Benite

Québec, Canada
7.7% ABV

Midway between a Belgian blonde and a triple, its pale sweet malt notes never fail to charm the palate.

Brewed for the first time in the summer of 1996, its name was inspired by a nun who, after tasting a beer for the first time, said it tasted better than Holy Water (Eau Bénite in French). Amen

A closer look at the label reveals how the devil fooled us! He’s dressed up like an angel: curly wig, halo put together with a metal wire, stripped wings held up with suspenders…do you really think the stoup is filled with holy water?

Why the devil are you dressed as an angel in a stoup filled with divine liquid? Seeing how pleased you look as a converted devil, I want to dive into it myself.