El Guapo by Real Ale Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About El Guapo by Real Ale Brewing Company

When you brew a beer with salt and lime, its only a matter of time before you start thinking about tequila. While Real Ale Brewing Company's Gose is fermented in stainless steel fermenters with a final addition of pureed limes and lactic acid, El Guapo sees a much different evolution of flavor. Before adding limes and lactic acid, the finished beer was racked into tequila and mezcal barrels where it would undergo secondary fermentation with lactic acid producing bacteria. The result is a soft sourness from lactobacillus, subtle oak and smoke from the mezcal and tequila, and a refreshing saltiness on the finish.

Working in the Hill Country from a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition, we believe minimal processing produces maximum flavor.

Real Ale Brewing Company makes El Guapo Gose