Electric Circus Hazy IPA by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. in Alberta, Canada

About Electric Circus Hazy IPA by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Get those dancing shoes ready, friends, 'cuz we are back on the small batch IPA train and we have brought along some new hop technology to showcase too!

Electric Circus continues our journey into the oat heavy, softer side of IPAs, so expect a very creamy mouthfeel with an approachable sweetness. On the hops side, we are playing with some of the usual suspects of Amarillo, along with Citra and Mosaic Incognito, but for this doozy, we have a new player in the form of Spectrum Citra & Mosaic for dry hopping.

Spectrum is a liquid form of hops that was created specifically for dry hopping, in an effort to reduce the large amount of plant matter typically associated with absurd dry hopping rates. Often, when we try to push too hard on the dry hop, we end up in grassy or even -- dare we say -- broccoli territory. This tech is meant to combat that vegetable creep and keep things in the stupidly aromatic, yet still fruity territory and, we'll be damned, friends, it works!

Too many tropical fruits are here to count, but we get strong pineapple and papaya with a beautiful bounty of citrus too. It’s got good vibrations, it’s gonna make you sweat, you are going to move this and C’mon N’ Ride the train! Long story short, it’s gonna get you. Yo DJ, pump this partay!6.

’88 was a pretty damn good year. Hair was big, tunes had attitude and a small city was finding its place on the world stage. ’88 Brewing Company makes beers in the same spirit of excitement for what’s next. Always big flavors, sometimes a little weird, best enjoyed together.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. makes Electric Circus Hazy IPA American IPA