Empty Bliss by New Ritual Brewing in Ontario, Canada

About Empty Bliss by New Ritual Brewing

Empty bliss is a hybrid beer designed with the intention of creating a beer that walks the line between  pale ale and lager. New Ritual is calling this style a 'cloud lager'. (One of the perks of owning a brewery is that you can make these experimental styles and call 'em whatever the heck you want). 

Empty bliss is made with 50% wheat to give it a fluffy and light mouthfeel and fermented with a unique blend of yeast that allows it ferment cold, yet retain fruity character. It's hopped with El Dorado and Loral; begins with notes of watermelon and pear, then finishes with a classic lager bite and a touch of floral spice. 4.0% ABV. 

The idea behind this beer was to create something for those hot, muggy days in Ontario, and serves as a great choice to drink between IPAs during a session or on its own as a low ABV beer that boats a lot of flavour while still having that thirst quenching dry lager feel. 

New Ritual Brewing is a small craft brewery located in Oshawa, Ontario. The brewery opened its doors in May of 2021.