Equilux Whirlpool Pale Ale by Annex Ale Project in Alberta, Canada
Annex Ale Project

Equilux Whirlpool Pale Ale

Limited Release
5.9% ABV

About Equilux Whirlpool Pale Ale by Annex Ale Project

Meet Equilux, our new Whirlpool Pale Ale. Instead of gaining high bitterness extraction from using hops all the way through the process we went the inefficient direction and just poured a masochistic amount of hops in after the boil. It has contributed to a rock solid flavour and aroma that we are describing as lemon meringue pie. We experimented with a new variety called Lemondrop and it did not disappoint. The Mosaic and Southern Passion hops with some Oats for back-up make this baby pop.

Annex Ale Project is devoted to good beer and great conversations. We're curious and unconventional and every beer we brew is the result of serious experimentation. For a long time, we've wanted to make the kind of beer that would appeal to beer drinkers and big thinkers. Now that's all we do.

Annex Ale Project makes Equilux Whirlpool Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)