Exit 63 Blonde Ale by Full Sail Brewing Company in Oregon, United States

About Exit 63 Blonde Ale by Full Sail Brewing Company

Light and refreshing but never boring, this American blonde is like sunshine in a can whatever the weather. Exit 63 is a celebration of this place Full Sail Brewing calls home. From their brewery just off Exit 63 in Hood River, OR, comes this easy drinking Blonde Ale brewed with pale rye malt, Northwest grown barley, and Cascade, Mt. Hood, and Glacier hops, and water from glacier-fed springs off the slopes of Mt. Hood. Golden blonde in the glass and smooth on the palate, this ale evokes the brighter and warmer days of summer. Subtle notes of spice and a light body define this easy-drinking beer.

Brewed to stoke. Stoked to brew. Specialists in the liquid refreshment arts since 1987.

Full Sail Brewing Company makes Exit 63 Blonde Ale American Blonde Ale