Expat by Baerlic Brewing Company in Oregon, United States

About Expat by Baerlic Brewing Company

Dortmunder Export Style Lager that lies somewhere in between a German Pils and a Helles. The term “Export” is a beer strength category under German beer tax law and denotes a slightly higher ABV.

What the hell is a baerlic? Say bear-lick…like a bear licking the foam off a frosty mug. Etymologically, it’s an old-english adjective meaning “of barley.” As in there’s beer and then there’s baerlic beer! But feel free to use it whenever you want to describe something that you can’t get enough of. As in: “These waffles are baerlic!”

Baerlic Brewing Company makes Expat Dortmunder / Export Lager

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