False Creek Raspberry Ale by Granville Island Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About False Creek Raspberry Ale by Granville Island Brewing

Granville's False Creek Raspberry Ale is an ultra-refreshing summer ale that combines premium malt and hops with Fraser Valley raspberries. Well-balanced with raspberry colour, aroma and finish, it pairs well with summer salads, fresh air and sunny afternoons. This brew tastes of fresh raspberries, without being too sweet. Refreshingly tart with enough pale malt character, so it tastes like an ale, not a wine cooler.

Falso Creek goes well with salads, particularly crisp greens with light fresh dressings.


In 1984 something happened that forever changed the local beer industry: Granville Island Brewing opened the doors to Canada’s first microbrewery. And in doing so, we opened hearts and minds to a whole new beer drinking experience.

Granville Island Brewing makes False Creek Raspberry Ale Fruit / Vegetable Beer