Fast Friends by Annex Ale Project in Alberta, Canada
Annex Ale Project

Fast Friends

Limited Release
4.7% ABV

About Fast Friends by Annex Ale Project

Mexican Style Lager

For the third year in a row, Annex Ales have embraced the opportunity to push their tables together with their neighbours, The Establishment Brewing Company. They were once again able to temporarily siphon the talent and expertise from their buds to create this year's Neighbour Day collaboration.
Introducing Fast Friends Mexican-Style Lager, a beer that is sure to please anyone you happen to call neighbour, regardless of their preferences. Sometimes it’s about how quickly you click, other times it’s about the brevity of the trip betwixt your doors. Either way, whether born of a spark or of convenience, we’ve all got Fast Friends.
Made with little deviation from the classic, this delicate little number was fermented low and slow on Mexican lager yeast and fed with a hearty diet of Pilsen malt and corn. It was lightly hopped with Cashmere and Citra in the boil to bring out notes of lemon and lime, and left to clear right up into a clean and crisp lager. Between friends, it’s easy to put aside pageantry and pedantry in favor of simplicity. After all, quality recognizes quality.

Annex Ale Project is devoted to good beer and great conversations. We're curious and unconventional and every beer we brew is the result of serious experimentation. For a long time, we've wanted to make the kind of beer that would appeal to beer drinkers and big thinkers. Now that's all we do.

Annex Ale Project makes Fast Friends American Adjunct Lager