FIFA (French India Farmhouse Ale) by Aslan Brewing Company in Washington, United States
Aslan Brewing Company

FIFA (French India Farmhouse Ale)

6.2% ABV • IBU 55

About FIFA (French India Farmhouse Ale) by Aslan Brewing Company

FIFA, aka French India Farmhouse Ale, is a Farmhouse style IPA brewed specifically for our hometown football club, Bellingham United. This juicy beer initially greets your nose with a spicy array that is blended nicely with pine needles and citrus peels. The palate consists of a heavy dose of white grapefruit, lending a very fun and approachable bitterness. As it washes down, you are left with a nice clean/dry finish that is soft and mellow. This year we have added a brand new hop, Jarrylo, to the mix.

100% organic brew. Pushing the boundaries of craft beer while preserving the purity of brewing tradition. Pride of the Organic Northwest.

Aslan Brewing Company makes FIFA (French India Farmhouse Ale) Belgian IPA

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