Firefly Amber Ale by Jackie O's Pub & Brewery in Ohio, United States

About Firefly Amber Ale by Jackie O's Pub & Brewery

Firefly Amber is Jackie O’s lightest offering. They refer to it as the gateway ale, as introducing it to macro-drinkers has proved to be effective in converting them into craft beer followers & aficionados. Seasoned craft beer drinkers also admire the drinkability and soft (but wide!) range of flavors embedded within this amber ale. Lightly roasted malt gives Firefly Amber a biscuit-like finish. Carefully selected hops provide an herbal, mildly citrus, aroma and flavor.

Athens' original local brewpub, offering a wide variety of neo-traditionally crafted artisan brews.

Jackie O's Pub & Brewery makes Firefly Amber Ale American Amber / Red Ale