FIX Dark by Carlsberg Group in Ontario, Canada

About FIX Dark by Carlsberg Group

FIX Dark is a Premium Dark Lager, launched in 2012. Driven by FIX tradition and brewing expertise, its unique recipe dates back to the International Fair of Thessaloniki, many decades ago. Trade fair visitors would swarm in the FIX booth to enjoy our cold dark beer, exclusively produced for that particular occasion. Featuring unique characteristics, it’s a great drinking option, but mostly a source of inspiration for creating a new type of beer, which shook up the Greek dark beer market! Combining FIX values, heritage and brewing expertise, FIX Dark is love at first sip, with its easy-to-drink, balanced taste and rich, dense foam.

Made by Carlsberg Group

Probably The Best Beer In The World.

Carlsberg Group makes FIX Dark Euro Dark Lager