Floreffe Blanche
Licorne Brewing Co.

Floreffe Blanche

Bas-Rhin, France
4.5% ABV

Lightly brewed to a traditional recipe containing 40% soft wheat, this authentic monastery beer reveals under its pure foam and natural aromas that suggest coriander and Curaçao, a refreshing harmony half-way between bitterness and mildness.

The wheat or "white" beer par excellence for the most demanding beer-lovers!

Containing 40% soft wheat, the Blanche de Floreffe wheat beer features a naturally opalescent robe, topped by a very white, dense foam.

Smell :

Coriander and bitter orange peel added to the boiling wort give it a slightly spicy, but unostentatious note.

Taste :

In spite of a smoothness and mellowness in the mouth characteristic of the use of soft wheat, this light, balanced wheat beer offers a great deal of freshness.

Overall impression :

Its aromatic complexity and moderate alcohol content mean that the Blanche de Floreffe is a beer unlike any other.


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