F’n Ned Sour IPA by Wichita Brewing Company in Kansas, United States

About F’n Ned Sour IPA by Wichita Brewing Company

The F’N Ned is a kettle soured American IPA that came about as a product of WBC's continuously on-going test batch experiments. The mouth puckering tartness is reminiscent of carving the last little bit of juice from the bottom of a grapefruit, but with the welcoming burst of Cascade and Amarillo hop aroma. A brilliantly light amber colored ale that drinks so crisp and refreshing you too might be cursing the brewer. It’s more than just Ned, it’s F’N Ned!

We’re committed to making great hand crafted beer and quality wood fired pizzas. It’s that simple. We want Wichita to have the best of both worlds.

Wichita Brewing Company makes F’n Ned Sour IPA American IPA