The Föhn by Wild Winds Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About The Föhn by Wild Winds Brewery

Wild Winds Brewery FIRST-EVER production beer release

Foehn winds, or in German, Föhn, is a warm and dry, gusty wind that periodically descends the leeward slopes of nearly all mountains and mountain ranges. In Southwest Alberta, we call a Föhn a Chinook!

Brewers used all Alberta malt from their friends at Canada Malting and Red Shed Malting for the malty backbone of this tasty German Helles-style lager. A late addition of German Hersbrucker provides the subtle spicy, floral, fruity hop character. The German yeast contributes to the clean fermentation profile and the haze in the beer.

This Helles is unfiltered, medium-bodied and has a clean, smooth, mildly grainy-sweet malty flavour and a soft, low bitterness finish. Because the Helles is such an enjoyable and refreshing beer, it will quickly become your everyday go-to brew.

Want to pair this beer with food? Due to the maltiness of this beer, it pairs really well with a pizza. German food such as bratwurst and sauerkraut is a good pairing. A Reuben, bacon, ham, and pretzels all are good choices. Fish such as flounder, sole, crab, and shrimp can also play well. Cheeses such as Chevre, Mozzarella, Brie, Gouda, Cotija, and mild Swiss all pair well with our Munich Helles.

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