The Forgetful Brewer by Outcast Brewing in Alberta, Canada

About The Forgetful Brewer by Outcast Brewing

I forgot to order specialty malts for the breakfast stout brew. Shoot me. TFB was designed around what we had and what we could get in 48 hours. 95% 2 row, 5% C40 malts for a light copper look. Magnum hops at 60 mins as well as leftover citra in the whirlpool. Dry hopped twice with citra, mosaic and simcoe thanks to a rush order from Northwest Hop Farms. This is a doozy, enjoy.

Made by Outcast Brewing

Opened in Calgary, Alberta in November 2016.

Outcast Brewing makes The Forgetful Brewer American Double / Imperial IPA

Awards & Achievements for this American Double / Imperial IPA