Four Horsemen by Real Ale Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Four Horsemen by Real Ale Brewing Company

The 2017 release of Four Horsemen marks the first release to have aged in Real Ale Brewing Company's very own whiskey barrels. When Real Spirits emptied its first round of Signature Blend Whiskey barrels, they were quickly filled with Black Quad and laid to rest. After 7 months, the beer emerged, featuring aromas of dark, dried fruit, vanilla, and maple, with a noticeable yet soft level of oak to balance. This beer will pair wonderfully with rich, soft cheese, dessert, and their favorite handcrafted single malt whiskey.

Working in the Hill Country from a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition, we believe minimal processing produces maximum flavor.

Real Ale Brewing Company makes Four Horsemen Quadrupel (Quad)