Frau Ribbentrop by Pravda in Kyivshchyna, Ukraine

Frau Ribbentrop

Kyivshchyna, Ukraine
4.5% ABV • IBU 12

About Frau Ribbentrop by Pravda

Refreshing wheat beer with fresh orange peel and coriander, bringing up a citrus aroma, and subtle bitterness. Perfect for any occasion.

Goes well with almost any food, but perfect for cheese, chicken, and light appetizers.

Made by Pravda

We’ve brought together the best brewers from Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republic and the USA to brew beer at Pravda, as we believe collaboration is important for the spirit of the brewing industry. We are constantly experimenting with pushing the experience of craft beer. We are the only brewing company in Ukraine that brews beer with fresh hops, elderberry flowers, sunflowers…

Pravda makes Frau Ribbentrop Witbier