Friar House Lager by Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse in British Columbia, Canada

About Friar House Lager by Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse

As the masters say, "Brew a beer people will want to drink, otherwise you'll have lots of beer and no job!". This light, refreshing lager is a perfect blend for those new to craft beer and who are searching for ultimate freshness. Light in color and with a touch of fresh hops, this session lager will make mainstream beer drinkers appreciate "Fresh Craft Beer" produced locally.

Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is owned and operated by two masters: Darryl Tucker, a Brewmaster, and Linda Parker, a Master in Business Administration. These individuals bring skills and expertise garnered from work and life experience to the Brewhouse.

Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse makes Friar House Lager American Pale Lager