Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf: Short Fingered Stout (Trump Beer)
Dock Street Brewery

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf: Short Fingered Stout (Trump Beer)

Pennsylvania, United States
4.5% ABV

Is it just us, or does this particular celebridential candidate always sound like he's had a few too many?  In his (dis)honor, Dock Street Brewery is brewing up a series of quaffable reminders to exercise your suffrage, and just dump Drumpf.

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf Series (Trump Beer)

Brewed by Dock Street Brewery

Beer has always, throughout history, been a key ingredient in the recipe for revolutionary ideas. In that spirit, Dock Street Brewery created this series to declare their disdain for Drumpf, and to extend a little nod of solidarity to their friends, fans and neighbors that also believe the United States deserves better representation - on a national and international platform – in the race to be Commander in Chief.  We just can't wrap our well-coiffed heads around a candidate who encourages his supporters to attack protesters at his rallies, wants to limit access to the U.S. based on religion, and flagrantly manipulates facts and data. Oh yeah, and that ridiculous wall idea? Come on.

"Go home man, you're Drumpf!"

Short-Fingered Stout 

First Beer in the Trump Beer Series

A bitter and delusional stout with an airy, light-colored head atop a so-so body. Don't worry, its bark is worse than its bite; this big baby comes in at a somewhat conservative 4.5% ABV.


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