Frissons X by Lagabière in Québec, Canada

About Frissons X by Lagabière

In modern culture, Medusa has become famous for being a wicked and cruel being who turns anyone who meets his gaze to stone. But there are many mysteries surrounding the story of the Gorgon.

Medusa is one of the Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology and is still described as a monster. It has been said that his hair is made of poisonous snakes and that one glance in his eyes can turn a person to stone. Stories often describe his victims as frozen in place, preserved as stone carvings for all eternity.

La FRISSONS X, renferme dans son élaboration, quelques gouttes de cette potion unique lui donnant le goût acidulé tant recherché par les amateurs de houblon…

Made by Lagabière

We brew tasty and unique beers, to enjoy for fun!

Lagabière makes Frissons X American Wild / Sour Ale