Front Lawn Saison by Bent Stick Brewing in Alberta, Canada

About Front Lawn Saison by Bent Stick Brewing

This Belgian style saison might make you warm up to those little yellow flowers, as they are a key ingredient in the beer. Ripe with yeast derived stone fruit and spice flavours, Front Lawn Saison is balanced by a light earthy herbal note from dandelion greens added to the whirlpool; rounding out the profile of this traditional style. If that doesn’t change your opinion on them, take a break from the yard work, pull a chair into the shade, and take comfort in knowing that a handful of those little suckers met their fate in the kettle en route to your glass.

Small batches of beer packaged in big bottles, brewed by four people who vary in size. #yegbeer #GetBent

Bent Stick Brewing makes Front Lawn Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale