Frühlingsbier (spring beer) by Bräu von Aying in Bavaria, Germany
Bräu von Aying

Frühlingsbier (spring beer)

Bavaria, Germany
5.5% ABV

About Frühlingsbier (spring beer) by Bräu von Aying

This naturally cloudy “Frühlingsbier” is bottled unfiltered, one of the results being that the beer retains many natural, protein, hops and yeast elements. The fine, natural cloudiness and the flowery-yeast aroma allow the beer-lover to anticipate the richness of taste that this refreshing, very drinkable beer offers, a beer that is also thoroughly distinguished by a pleasantly bitter sensation. From a nutritional-physiological view it must also be emphasized that this beer makes a significant contribution to good health with its vitamin and mineral-rich yeast content. From the beginning of March, beer enthusiasts can enjoy this seasonal Ayinger beer specialty for a brief period.

Made by Bräu von Aying

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Bräu von Aying makes Frühlingsbier (spring beer) Dortmunder / Export Lager