Full Circle by Killarney Brewing Company in Munster, Ireland
Killarney Brewing Company

Full Circle

Munster, Ireland
5% ABV • IBU 42 • SRM 9

About Full Circle by Killarney Brewing Company

THE LEGEND: Emigration has forever been at the heart of Irish history. From the mid 1800’s onwards, generations left Ireland's shores destined for the land of opportunity. Over a century on, life’s journey has come full circle and their progeny are returning home. This is a story held by Head Brewer Mike, who with his wife and daughter, have brought back to Kerry this branch of their family tree.

TASTING NOTES: Brewed using all American Hops, this Sessionable IPA is bursting with a juicy hop aroma that leads into a full, fruit forward hop flavour that washes over the palate, and ends with a subtle refreshing bitterness.

We are an Independent Irish Craft Brewery located in Killarney, Co Kerry. We use only the finest, locally sourced natural ingredients thus ensuring premium quality, consistency and exceptional flavour. Our mission is to bring a new level of excellence and appreciation to beer drinking the world over.