Fun Times Saftig Frucht by Doan’s Craft Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Fun Times Saftig Frucht by Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

Collaboration between Doan's Craft Brewing and Ravens Brewing. Looking at the Fun Times Saftig Frucht your first question is what on earth is it? Well, Saftig Frucht translates to “Juicy Fruit” and this is a lightly salted session beer. Pouring from the bomber bottle the beer is a hazed straw colour with a finger and a half of head. The aroma is tart with a strong briny citrus character and what smells to be passion fruit. The label states that the fruit notes come from actual fruit but there is no ingredient list found on the bottle to confirm our suspicions (don’t tell the CFIA). Tasting the beer there is a mellow sourness to the flavour that leads into a wheat, fruit mid section. The fruit isn’t overpowering but gives a clean and fruity flavour to the slightly salty brew. Most similar to a Berliner Weisse, the Fun Times is a unique and tasty session fruit beer.

Doan’s Craft permanently closed it's brick and mortar location in 2018. Since then they have been producing craft beverages through Craft Collective Beerworks.

Doan’s Craft Brewing Company makes Fun Times Saftig Frucht Berliner Weissbier