Funhouse by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
6.6% ABV • IBU 20 • SRM 67

About Funhouse by Cervejaria Seasons

The Funhouse is the first beer we did (which actually came before the Seasons itself, in homebrews) and it is the entrance to the world of Seasons beer. The name "Funhouse" derives from the crazy house of circuses and amusement parks, which are basically a range of toys, gadgets and attractions to entertain and amaze visitors. It also makes reference to the film Terror 80 "The Funhouse" great movie by the way ... 

OK, but what does all this have to do with beer? Like a fun house house that is always changing to entertain increasingly visitors, revenue of Funhouse was our most modified recipe, which experimented with spices, different yeast and hops. In fact, revenue from Funhouse goes through fine - tune all the time, the best example of homebrewer spirit, always with the aim to create the best taste experience that a blond belgian can offer. 

In Funhouse, anything goes: use water, malt , hops and coriander seeds ground on time, all to enhance the taste experience. To cap the revenue from Funhouse, we use a special yeast: a Belgian variety originating from the Trappist abbeys. 

The Funhouse can be an entry of beer, but like all fun house, is an amazing experience.

And the horror film?  Fun House:  as says the slogan of the movie, drink a Funhouse is "no going back"Specs

    • Style:  Belgian Blond
    • Tasting Notes:  golden-yellow color, dense and creamy foam due to the presence of oats, slightly cloudy due to a hint of wheat malt, spices such as pepper, coriander and herbs, full-bodied flavors and balanced reminiscent bread characteristic flavors of Belgian recipes.



Red meat with mild sauces, fish, Hackepeter, seafood, soft cheeses like brie and camembert.

Gold Medal at the 1st Brazilian Competition Beer 2013 - category  Pale American-Belgo-Style Ale

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Funhouse Belgian Strong Pale Ale