The Geezer by Brassneck Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About The Geezer by Brassneck Brewery

As is the case with so many beers out there in the world, it’s got a cool name so it must be delicious. Right??

Our Porter breaks the mold by being a little on the hoppier side. We use Bramling Cross hops, an English variety known for their subtle black currant notes.

The hops play nice with the roasted malt for a pronounced, lingering bitterness…

If ye like vat sorta fing, innit! (in typical “cockney bad guy from a movie” accent).

Brassneck opened on October 2nd, 2013. We’re a little neighbourhood brewery with a Growler Shop & Tasting Room servicing the good people of Mount Pleasant & the surrounding area. We like to keep things simple. We just serve the beer we brew & the occasional sausage.

Brassneck Brewery makes The Geezer English Porter