German Bock by Born Colorado Brewing in Alberta, Canada
Born Colorado Brewing

German Bock

Limited Release
6.7% ABV • IBU 27

About German Bock by Born Colorado Brewing

Introducing #003 in Born Colorado's Dark Series, a traditional German style Bock. This malt forward brew has notes of cookie & sweet toast, with a rich amber colour.

This historical style is commonly associated with the visual of a billy goat. Originating in Einbeck Germany, this style became known as an Einbock, which means Billy Goat and was later shortened to the name Bock we know more commonly today. This brew is also traditionally released in the late winter and early spring, which aligns with the astrological sign of Capricorn. Finally, some say that the higher ABV typical of this style just might give you a "kick of the goat"!

Born in Colorado. Crafted in Calgary.

Born Colorado Brewing makes German Bock Bock