Glitter Freeze by Streetside Brewery in Ohio, United States

About Glitter Freeze by Streetside Brewery

It was...a Glitter Freeze. Are you a believer in this Passionfruit/Dragonfruit Berliner Weisse? Glitter Freeze pours a beautiful highlighter pink with a pure white head. Lemon Juice Tartness and Passionfruit Sweet Tars flavor bring you to the table while citrus zest aromatics entice you to sip on this one all summer long. This tropical mind blower will have you asking "Where's North from here?' all while you're sitting at Streetside!

As a new local brewery rooted in Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood, we bring together a down-to-earth experience and a selection of exceptional craft beer that’s as diverse as the community we serve.

Awards & Achievements for this Berliner Weissbier