Glütiny Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing Company

Glütiny Pale Ale

Colorado, United States
6% ABV • IBU 30

There’s an uprising in the craft beer world, a mutiny on gluten, and the movement’s invaded the New Belgium brewhouse, demanding they finally brew an uncompromised gluten-reduced pale ale fit for the most adventurous hopheads. Their response? This is Glutiny! For this new year-round release, New Belgium armed the beer with a hefty dose of exotic Equinox hops, lending breezy guava, papaya and stone fruits to a wash of sweet, slightly herbal malt flavors. They then employed a special enzyme during the brewing process, which breaks down the gluten. Like any delicious pale ale, expect swift bitterness in the swallow and an assertively dry finish, just how most like it. Ready to join the uprising? Taste the Glutiny.



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