Gold Panner
Yukon Brewing

Gold Panner

Limited Release
Yukon, Canada
5% ABV

To  mark  Yukon Brewing's  20th  anniversary  which  coincides  with   Canada’s  150th,  Yukon  Brewing  will  be  releasing  a  “20th  Anniversary  -­  Canada  150  Series”  of  Limited   Edition  brews. Commencing  January  2017,  there  will  be  a  different  Limited  Edition  650  mL  bomber  released  each   month.  Six  forgotten  favourites  and  six  brand  new  brews.

Gold Panner was originally released in 1998, and was Yukon Brewing's first dry-hopped brew, making it an ideal candidate for their 20th anniversary throwback beers.

Easy effervescence and a balance of earthy and floral aroma play nicely with the radiant fragility of this golden ale. The nearly transparent golden colour is pleasing to the eye, and the light body appeases the brisk hop profile. If you lean towards a soft, refreshing golden ale, you will strike it rich with Gold Panner.