Golden Champion by Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Ales) in Dorset - England, United Kingdom
Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Ales)

Golden Champion

Dorset - England, United Kingdom
5% ABV

About Golden Champion by Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Ales)

On a balmy evening in Stanpit Marsh, a cool breeze blows and a calm encompasses the vast reserve. Amongst the wild horses, you may see Golden Champion, a headstrong but loyal stallion who enjoys the warm days grazing in the fields. The subtle elderflower aromas of this delicately floral brew are reminiscent of a summer's evening. Golden Champion is a divine all-rounder that is a great companion for smoky, chargrilled chicken and peppery rocket salad.

Each part of Hall & Woodhouse plays its role in achieving our overall vision of building a growing independent family company that leads the UK market in brewing and hospitality.

Hall & Woodhouse (Badger Ales) makes Golden Champion English Pale Ale