Golden Goddess
Goose Island Beer Co.

Golden Goddess

Illinois, United States
4.6% ABV • IBU 30

This beer was conceived, as many of the world's best ideas are, over a game of pinball. Andy, Joel, and Brian gathered under the dim lights of the neighborhood bar for what they'll call a "brainstorming session." Huddled around the bar's only pinball machine, they tossed around ideas for their new beer with their friend and Intelligentsia Tea Master, Doug. Two hours, twenty-two quarters, and a few beers later, Golden Goddess was a glimmer in their glassy eyes.

The brewers, both of tea and beer, decided upon a sweet and floral oolong tea - Iron Goddess of Mercy - named for the Buddhist goddess of mercy and giver of enlightenment. To accompany the flavors of the tea, they chose a Kolsch so as not to overpower the floral and slightly piney characteristics of the tea. The result is a crisp, refreshing beer with a brilliant marigold hue, pleasant fruity aromas, and a lingering tea bitterness. Offer up your glasses to the Golden Goddess, for you have made an enlightened choice.

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