Gose With a Nose by R&B Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Gose With a Nose by R&B Brewing

R&B Brewing teamed up with Doan’s Craft Brewing to create a Gose which has been dry-hopped to give its “Nose” of tropical fruit character. This beer is sold in 650ml bottles and comes in at 4.8% alcohol. Pouring the beer it has a colour that is golden-straw and has a very thick head that erupts from the beer. The nose is of mango and citrus, very telling of the Citra and Mosaic hops that were used in the brew. The flavour is lightly tart with a powdery-wheat character to the body. The citrus notes come into the flavour early on and fade while a lightly salty, wheat flavour takes charge. The body is a bit odd and the front has a refreshingly tart character to it. The finish is quite neutral with a lingering wheat character and slight sourness. The nose has the most unique element but the flavour is subtle, enjoyable and somewhat refreshing.

Made by R&B Brewing

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R&B Brewing makes Gose With a Nose Gose