Grandstand by Left Field Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Grandstand by Left Field Brewery

Grandstands are baseball’s common grounds. They’re the open-air gathering places where fans come together on late summer afternoons to cheer on the home team in the pennant race. This hoppy wheat ale was inspired by the grandstands of great American ballparks and by beers that showcase hop flavour and aroma over bitterness. Made with 50% wheat and Simcoe, Centennial and Citra hops, Grandstand bursts with aromas of juicy melon and pineapple and crosses the plate with a well-rounded finish.

Know that feeling you get on opening day, after a walk-off home run or a suspenseful no-hitter? That’s exactly how we feel about beer.

Left Field Brewery makes Grandstand American Pale Wheat Ale