Grapefruit IPA by Refuge Brewery in California, United States

About Grapefruit IPA by Refuge Brewery

Refuge Brewery loves IPAs just as much as anyone, and they especially love dank, citrus-packed hop bombs. They’ve brewed a lot of them in the past few years, but Refuge Brewery were always left wanting a bigger citrus punch. So, one summer day, they took a page out of the recipe book of the flagship beer, Blood Orange Wit, and wrangled up the brew crew once again. This time, Refuge Brewery took a trip to their local Temecula citrus farms to pick some grapefruit. The result is a bitter, hoppy IPA infused with real grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed by yours truly!

Made by Refuge Brewery

From 5 Gallons To 250,000 Gallons.

Refuge Brewery makes Grapefruit IPA American IPA