Grasp of Oak by Moksa Brewing Co. in California, United States

About Grasp of Oak by Moksa Brewing Co.

Moksa brewers took the base beer of Grasp of Darkness, an Imperial Stout they produced with their friends at Modern Times (San Diego, CA), and filled two Vanilla Bourbon and two Apple Brandy barrels. After tasting them throughout the aging process it was clear that there would be a risk of losing the amazing barrel flavor if they were to add any sort of treatment to it. So instead of "pastrifying" this beer they are packaging it untreated and unblended. Grasp of Oak is an Imperial Stout aged in Vanilla Bourbon and Apple Brandy barrels for 23 months.

Moksa Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in Rocklin, CA which focus' on quality over quantity; specifically brewing Progressive IPA's and Flavor Focused Stouts.