Gratzer by Independent Fermentations in Massachusetts, United States

About Gratzer by Independent Fermentations

Gratzer is kind of a weird beer.   Gratzer is made using oak smoked wheat malt which gives it a mild smokey aroma.  People ask us if there is bacon in the beer.  There most emphatically is not!  Gratzer also has a mildly tart finish kind of like a Gose.  If you can imagine a Gose with smoke instead of salt, you are in the right ball park.  ABV is 6% and the bitterness is mild. Color is a light gold.  Gratzer is available in 22 oz bottles and on draft. A maple version was also released in the tap room only.

Independent Fermentations Brewing (aka IndieFerm) specializes in making craft beers with locally grown ingredients. Many of our beers are inspired by the Belgian farmhouse brewing tradition but we also make other styles. We brew what we like to drink and that covers a lot of territory.

Independent Fermentations makes Gratzer Smoked Beer