Great White Combine IPA by Ribstone Creek Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Ribstone Creek Brewery

Great White Combine IPA

5.6% ABV • SRM 6

About Great White Combine IPA by Ribstone Creek Brewery

A superb White IPA (5.6% ABV), bursting with tropical fruit and a subtle Belgian spice aroma. Grapefruity citrus takes over in the flavour with a clean, spicy, dry finish. Great White Combine builds quietly into a crescendo of flavour and aroma that leaves your palate with an appreciation for the calm after the storm.


Dave Nuttal
Culinaire Magazine
This tiny Edgerton, Alta. brewery has been knocking it out of the park lately. Named after the ubiquitous Alberta summer hailstorm, the use of Belgian yeast, sweet orange peel, and coriander gives this beer an orange flavour right in the beginning. When the four different hop additions kick in, it changes more to a sweet, lemony flavour. This White IPA has a very tropical feel that makes you forget it was made in northern Alberta.

Peter Bailey (Beer Guy)
The Tomato Food & Drink
Way out on the Alberta prairie, in the middle of not much, there’s a craft brewery showing the way forward. Quality, interesting beer. Good people. Great branding. Here they combine a witbier with an IPA for the au courant white IPA style. Hoppy yet soft and fruity and all delicious.

Award winning, small-town craft brewery. Proudly brewing great craft beers in Edgerton, Alberta.

Ribstone Creek Brewery makes Great White Combine IPA Belgian IPA