Green Cow IPA by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons

Green Cow IPA

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
6.2% ABV • IBU 62 • SRM 11

About Green Cow IPA by Cervejaria Seasons

Just "moo" it!

There is a Brazilian phrase when you are telling a lie. The person says "... Hmm, hmm, and the cow is green, right?". Well at Seasons there is a green cow, really.

We influenced by the American School of beers, which advocates the use of hops, could not miss an India Pale Ale (IPA) in our portfolio. The Green Cow is our reading of an American IPA, the most popular style among craft breweries (microbreweries) in the US. American IPAs are beers that have an intense bitterness, but with a surprisingly high drinkability, despite massive doses of hops, the ingredient that gets the most emphasis in this style.

The name Green Cow honors cows because they are very important in the manufacturing process. The beer residues, organic waste generated by a microbrewery, is a favorite food of calves, believe me! The difference is that, here at Seasons, we use alot of hops, especially in Green Cow, our cows are just turning green as they like "muu" leap!

Tasting notes: yellow-copper color, light and creamy foam, slightly cloudy due to hopping dry process, with citrus aromas, herbal, spicy and with a strong footprint in the bitter taste. Light body is a dry beer, but high drinkability, despite the bitterness.

Pairs well with: Red meats, savory dishes (think of the good old fries!). Pro side of the desserts, truffles and desserts with ginger and tamarind are great. If you are adventurous, American IPAs tend to emphasize pepper in spicy dishes such as curry dishes of Indian cuisine and / or Thai. Cheeses: gorgonzola, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, pecorino.

Silver medal in the South Beer Cup 2012 - category American IPA
Gold Medal at the 1st Brazilian Competition Beer 2013 - category American IPA
Bronze medal in South Beer Cup 2014 - category American IPA
Gold medal at the 3rd Brazilian Competition Beer 2015 - category American IPA

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Green Cow IPA American IPA