Green-Thumb by Garden Brewers in Ontario, Canada
Garden Brewers


7.2% ABV • IBU 60 • SRM 7

About Green-Thumb by Garden Brewers

Piquant, provocative, and powerful, Garden Brewers second brew is an IPA- but no ordinary IPA! Green-Thumb is a Ginger India Pale Ale which combines the unique zesty and pungent character of heirloom hop Bullion with the unmistakable tangy tropical notes of freshly ground Ginger root. The heat from the Ginger enhances the bitterness of the Bullion. Together, the two botanicals provide the dry malty backbone of the beer with a spicy heat, an intense bitterness, and a united front of harmonious flavours; resinous piney notes and zesty tropical character, which linger into a long, bitter finish. Enjoy!

Made by Garden Brewers

We make bold yet balanced brews. We are rooted in Hamilton. We’re deeply invested and committed to our city. We are “The Ambitious Brewery”. We make ambitious brews- and plans. We draw inspiration from the rich and wonderful natural world, both in our brewing- and in our choices.

Garden Brewers makes Green-Thumb American IPA