GrIN & TONIC by Peticolas Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About GrIN & TONIC by Peticolas Brewing Company

Peticolas Brewing Company loves beer, but they’ve learned from multiple company outings that as a crew, they also love a good cocktail. The 2017 company Christmas party confirmed this with 128 cocktails enjoyed. In celebration of their sixth anniversary and their appreciation for a good cocktail, Peticolas Brewing Company brewed GrIN & TONIC.

GrIN is an experimental “cocktail beer” designed to mimic the flavors and experience of a gin and tonic. A golden ale base beer brewed with copious amounts of Juniper and Coriander sets the foundation for this concoction. Peticolas Brewing Company then blended the pungent beer with locally sourced tonic water and lime supplied by Oak Cliff Beverage Works.

When the Golden Ale and tonic come together, a beautiful balance is achieved and a unique beer drinking experience is realized. If you think your mind’s playing tricks on you, have another. At 4% ABV, GrIN will allow you to have the gin and tonic experience without the repercussions of overindulging on the real thing.

Honest, friendly, down to earth brewers delivering world class passion in a glass.

Peticolas Brewing Company makes GrIN & TONIC American Blonde Ale