Grisette with Sumac by Nonsuch Brewing Co. in Manitoba, Canada

About Grisette with Sumac by Nonsuch Brewing Co.

Nonsuch's series of MB 150 brews continues with this wheat beer made with local ingredients. ⁣

As this cloudy, straw-coloured ale fills your glass, vanilla and citrus aromas fill the spring air. Your pallet is greeted with notes of sweet malt and bountiful citrus followed by a medley of Belgian yeast notes including vanilla and fruit. This 4.5% ABV wheat beer is brewed with orange, lemon, coriander, juniper berries, and Manitoban sumac. Oysters, cod, and chicken make the perfect food pairing. ⁣

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Nonsuch Brewing Co. makes Grisette with Sumac American Pale Wheat Ale