Grumpiest of All Time by Beau's in Ontario, Canada

Grumpiest of All Time

7% ABV • IBU 27

About Grumpiest of All Time by Beau's

This dark, strong and richly malty German-style lager will warm and satisfy on a cold winter’s day. It is brewed authentic to style, with all-German organic malts and and organic perle hops from Austria.

Urbock pours deep brown with garnet highlights and a beige foam. The aroma offers bready dark malt and caramel notes with dark fruit nuances. The rich malt flavour is full and round, and the finish long and satisfying.

Bock is traditionally a malty and lightly hopped beer. The style originated in the 14th century in the Saxon town of Einbeck (Germany). It was later adopted by Munich brewers in the 17th century, where the regional Bavarian accent meant citizens pronounced “Einbeck” as “ein Bock” (a billy goat), and the style formally became known as Bock. To pay homage to these origins, a goat is often used on Bock labels. Bocks range from light copper to dark brown in colour, with urbock at the darker end of the spectrum.

Made by Beau's

Located in the village of Vankleek Hill, Beau’s is a world-class locally brewed beer. For us, being local means being an active part of the community. We support more than 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year. We believe that craft beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it.

Beau's makes Grumpiest of All Time Bock

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