Guinness Dublin Porter by Guinness in Leinster, Ireland

Guinness Dublin Porter

Leinster, Ireland
3.8% ABV

About Guinness Dublin Porter by Guinness

Sip Dublin Porter and you’re sampling Guinness history. Light but well rounded. Sweet and smooth. Just bitter enough. This is a beer inspired by an archival recipe from our brewers’ diaries, dating back to 1796. Mastered then, perfected now: fewer hops are used and the maturation process is shorter, resulting in a malt-caramel finish that’s easy and satisfying drinking, whichever century you’re in.

“A malt-caramel finish that’s easy and satisfying drinking”

Often, the best way to move forward is to take a look back. That was the method employed for Dublin Porter. Expert brewers at our innovative Brewers Project uncovered diary notes and accounts while poring over extensive records from Guinness' past. There, they found a recipe ripe for the present. Blending expertise with qualified interpretation, their resulting beer was a recreation of the porter once perfected by Arthur Guinness to be shipped to England in the late 1790s. Tasted by a panel of experts and then finely tuned, Dublin Porter is a historic beer reinterpreted for a modern palate: earthy, lively and charged with flavour. 


Made by Guinness

Located in the heart of the St. James's Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse® is Ireland's most popular tourist attraction. It's the home of the Black Stuff, the heart of Dublin and an unforgettable start to your Irish adventure.

Guinness makes Guinness Dublin Porter English Porter