Hacky Sack by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. in Alberta, Canada
Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Hacky Sack

Limited Release
4.9% ABV • IBU 26

About Hacky Sack by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Lemon-Lime Pilsner

This year Eighty-Eight Brew Co. celebrated neighbour day with one of the OG’s of the Calgary craft beer scene & community building pioneers Village Brewery aaaaand they have a delightful pilsner with a twist to share with y’all!

Brewed with straight up pilsner malt profile, and hopped with Colombus, Motueka and Hersbruker hops, lemons were added to the party to play up the acidity and citrus punch. Finally it was dry hopped with Hersbruker hops and super special guest star Kaffir lime leaves to add some tropical flare and a nice old school floral quality that all iconic pilsners are known for!

’88 was a pretty damn good year. Hair was big, tunes had attitude and a small city was finding its place on the world stage. ’88 Brewing Company makes beers in the same spirit of excitement for what’s next. Always big flavors, sometimes a little weird, best enjoyed together.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. makes Hacky Sack Czech Pilsner