Hands Up Red Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Hands Up Red Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

At 6.5 percent alcohol, the red ale may be a strong ale, but it has even stronger ties to the past.

The ale’s name “Hands Up” was derived from British Columbia’s notorious, gentleman-bandit, Bill Miner. Miner who was credited as possibly having been Canada’s first Train Robber, on September 10, 1904, was reputed to have also been the originator of the phrase “hands up!” Miner was eventually caught after an aborted payroll train robbery near Kamloops. He and his two accomplices, Tom “Shorty” Dunn and Louis Colquhoun, were found near Douglas Lake, BC after an extensive manhunt. When eventually found, Miner evidently surrendered to the officers with his customary politeness, that earned him the nicknames of the Grey Fox or the Gentleman Robber.

The Tin Whistle is a small micro brewery located in Penticton, BC. We brew beers that we like, and we hope that you'll like them too. We have five beers that we produce year round, and at any given time we may have an additional one or two seasonals. Our beers are available throughout BC and Alberta, on tap and in 650ml bottles. If they don't have us, ask for us!

Tin Whistle Brewing Company makes Hands Up Red Ale American Amber / Red Ale