Hans' Pils by Real Ale Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Hans' Pils by Real Ale Brewing Company

You might say, a great beer is man’s other best friend. So when Real Ale Brewing Company made this German-style pilsner, it just made sense to name it after the brewery’s dog, Hans — the owner’s German Shorthair Pointer. Inspired by the pilsner beers of Northern Germany, Hans is crisp, brightly hoppy and full of flavor. At 50 IBUs and featuring Tettnang hops, it’s even hoppier than many pale ales. The German malt helps create a nice pale golden color and provides the perfect companion to the hops.

Working in the Hill Country from a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition, we believe minimal processing produces maximum flavor.

Real Ale Brewing Company makes Hans' Pils German Pilsener