Hazy IPA Now by Goose Island Beer Co. in Illinois, United States

About Hazy IPA Now by Goose Island Beer Co.

Every round of IPA Now begins with superior pale malt, lending a nice toasty character. Goose Island brewers then experiment with new and unique hops for recipes that are ridiculously good.

Hazy IPA Now 5 is building on the success of the IPA Now Rotating IPA Releases. Like the original IPA Now releases, each Hazy IPA Now will utilize a different blend of hops for the dry-hopping.

Expect flavors of pineapple, banana, and citrus with apricot and floral aromas. This release has a light malt body with a juicy and mildly sweet flavor and light bitterness. 

Our famous beer began with a trip across Europe, when Goose Island founder (and unabashed beer lover) John Hall took a tour across the continent. Pint by pint, he savored the styles and selections of brews in every region, and thought to himself, “America deserves some damn fine beer like this, too.”

Goose Island Beer Co. makes Hazy IPA Now American IPA