Heated Agreement by Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minnesota, United States

About Heated Agreement by Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Heated Agreement is a thing that happens to all of us – you find yourself in what feels like an argument, but you’re actually just agreeing with someone over and over, at an elevated volume. This DIPA is the liquid equivalent of that. Fermented with an insane yeast that produces abundant tropical aromas, and hopped to the gills with Fair State's Perrault Farms Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, and some choice Idaho 7. Think freshly bottled Sprite mixed with some funky tropical chewing gum, overlaid with a waft of dankness. 

Tasting Notes:Freshly bottled sprite, tropical sugar free chewing gum, dank, lightly sweet

The cooperative's membership is currently over 2000 and growing every day.